Injury Law

When someone is injured or dies because of negligence, it can be an extremely stressful time. You not only have to cope with the physical effects of the injury, but also the loss of work and income, your mental health, and regaining your previous quality of life. At Crosby Law, we take you through every step of the process to make it straightforward and easy for you.

We have won lawsuits of all types and sizes. No matter if the wrongdoer who caused your injury is an individual, or a large corporation – Crosby Law fights to win verdicts and payouts for clients of all sizes. We are not afraid to go up against large companies and hold them responsible for their negligence.

Lawsuit Fees and Costs for Injuries and Death

Crosby Law is committed to achieving justice for our clients and you will not be subject to any fees unless you win.

Initial Consultation: Free

There are no charges for an initial consultation about your case, no matter how long it lasts and even if we don’t take your case.

We will discuss your case in depth here. It is important we acquire all the information we will need to make a determination about your case and decide if we can win. Keep in mind that we must prepare every case for trial, but most cases end in settlement before reaching that point.

“Contingency Fees”: You Don’t Pay Unless We Win

Lawsuits that involve injury or death are not charged on an hourly basis. The attorney’s fees are based on a percentage of the total settlement or verdict, usually 33 ⅓% or 40%..  The costs involved in a lawsuit include but aren’t limited to medical experts, court fees, medical records, investigation costs, reconstruction experts, and medical illustrations, which Crosby Law will pay for. These costs will be paid back only if a settlement or favorable verdict is obtained.  In the rare event the case is not won, Crosby Law is not paid back for the costs it paid AND THE CLIENT DOES NOT OWE ANY MONEY FOR THE CASE COSTS incurred on their behalf.

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