Laser Hair Burn

Permanent Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment is an increasingly popular procedure for men and women who want to remove unwanted hair.  The procedure involves focusing a powerful laser onto the unwanted hair, causing the hair follicles to absorb light from the laser which breaks down the hair for easy removal. Repeated applications of the laser will cause the hair follicles in a particular area to stop regrowing, so hair in that area is permanently removed.  This same laser process can be used for skin rejuvenation.

Not So Safe

Laser hair removal is advertised as a safe and easy way to permanently remove hair.  However, laser hair removal is not just a simple cosmetic treatment without any risks. The lasers used in this process are powerful, and, even when performed properly, the skin can get reddened, and painful. When the procedure is not conducted properly, there is a serious risk of bad skin burns. [IMAGE of laser burns]

Severe injuries can also occur with laser hair removal, such as burns, scars, damage to tissues underneath the skin, and eye injuries if the laser is used in areas close to the recipient’s eyes. Serious complications related to the use of topical anesthetic creams can also occur, including permanent nerve damage or even death. Additionally, because many of these injuries affect physical appearance, an injured recipient of laser hair removal is also at risk of suffering from anxiety, depression and other emotional distress.

Unfortunately, injuries from laser hair removal are on the rise, and it can be difficult to know your rights if you are injured during the procedure. The laws regulating laser hair removal providers vary greatly from state to state. In some states, pretty much anyone can offer laser hair removal treatments, including cosmetic studios and unlicensed “medical spas,” where no doctor is involved in conducting or supervising the process let alone operating the laser.

If a medical doctor was involved in administering or even just supervising your procedure and failed to live up to expected professional standards, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim. If no medical doctor was involved, you may still have a claim for negligence if you were not adequately warned of the risks of the procedure, if the staff who administered the procedure were not properly trained, if the wrong equipment was used, or similar failures that led to your injuries.

If you have been injured by a laser hair removal procedure, it is advisable to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you figure out if there is a basis for a lawsuit.

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