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Medical Devices and Drugs

Injuries and death from defective medical devices and drugs are all too common. While some medical devices and drugs work well for many patients, others are dangerous.

These injuries are life changing and even life threatening. Often, the companies who make the dangerous devices and drugs know the potential risks involved. Some companies intentionally cover-up deaths and serious injuries in order to gain FDA approval. Those companies put profit over people's safety. Many dangerous medical devices and drugs result in Class Action or Mass Tort lawsuits against the companies that manufacture them.

The Crosby Law Office has teamed with hundreds of other law firms across the country in order to successfully fight these huge medical device and drug manufacturers.

Medical Devices and Drugs:
  • Vioxx
  • Bextra
  • Guidant Ancure
  • Medtronic AneuRx
  • Defibrillators and Pacemakers
  • Deep brain stimulators
  • Surgically implanted spinal cord devices
  • Birth control devices
  • Heart and artery stents

TIME IS OF THE ESSENSE. Minnesota, like all states, has a law called the Statutes of Limitations. This law requires lawsuits to begin within a certain period of time from the negligent treatment or death. Each case is different and it is crucial that you contact an attorney immediately to find out when the Statue of Limitations will expire. Do not hesitate.